Ryan in the Mission

Here are a pair of shots I took of Ryan last Monday. I’ve been holding onto a factory-sealed box of Fuji 160 NPS with an expiration date of 2005. I decided to crack the seal and give it a spin. In late morning, many of the Mission’s colorful alleyways are still relatively quiet and Monday’s cloud cover had not quite broken. Perfect situations for a color portrait. I had the film developed with a day turn-around at Light Waves in SOMA.

As you can tell from my blog, I don’t often do color work. I usually dislike all the business with profiles, color temperature, saturation and hue, and all that.

Speaking of portraits in the Mission, I was chatting with John and Alan the other night about that topic. They’ve given me some ideas on how to step up my game on Mission photography. I’ve got some homework to do, some ideas, and a mission of my own. Maybe I can narrow my goal from being that guy to being that guy in the Mission. Part of my homework begins this weekend, doing some printing from 4×5 film. I gotta find some live paper, and probably get some fresh paper developer before then.


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