our trip to France

this is a picture i took of the carnac stones in western france. carnac is a small coastal town in brittany. the stone arrangements, as they are called in french, are said to have been laid down some 5,000 years ago during the neolithic period.

our vacation to france was awesome. over the past week that i’ve been back i’ve been wondering what i should post to my blog, if anything, about the vacation.

we saw a lot of fantastic sites. we stumbled upon a lot of fantastic restaurants. we drove out to rennes and explored some small countryside towns, which were all incredible. i guess for now, i’ll write a quick itinerary and summary of our trip with some links to check out.

here is the basic itinerary of our trip:

  • fly to london and spend the night in a hotel
  • stay 3 nights in an apartment in london and explore the city
  • take the eurail train from london to paris
  • stay 6 nights in a bed&breakfast in paris while we explore urban paris
  • rent a car and drive to rennes
  • stay 3 nights in rennes, making day trips north and southwest
  • return to france and catch the train back to london
  • return to the hotel we started at for a night’s stay before we return
  • flight back to san francisco

for shopping, we just wandered around.

for meals, we either explored or found open wi-fi and searched online.

for sites, you start with a list and just stumble upon the rest. by stumble, i mean you’re in some area and you turn the corner and BAM, there’s the arc de triomphe right there. might as well go check it out..

our first and last night stay was in the german-owned k+k hotel george, a 154 room victorian hotel in london.

some of the unplanned things and meals we experienced:

  • photography exhibit of taryn simon, “an american index of the hidden and unfamiliar”
  • dinner at the most awesome konstam, serving seasonal and locally-sourced foods
  • dinner at memere au piano, probably the best food and service on the entire trip
  • a short but incredible dinner at le baratin, a small wine bar/restaurant.
  • desserts from an algerian bakery in paris
  • driving through numerous small french towns
  • learning from a station attendant that the diesel fuel pump is the one labelled gazole

i am so glad we rented a car and drove for part of our trip. first, it was great to not walk so much! more importantly, it was awesome to see the french countryside. driving through all those small, old towns. seeing so many castles and old ruins. matching our broken french to the french broken english.

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